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Key Personnel

Office of the Inspector General (OIG)

Director, Congressional Affairs

Office of Audit (OA)

Director, Technical Oversight and Planning Division
Director, Information Systems Audit Division
Director, Financial Audits Division
Director, Joint Civil Fraud Division (Audit)

Office of Investigation (OI)

Special Agent in Charge, Headquarters Operations Division
Special Agent in Charge, Joint Civil Fraud Division (Investigation)
Special Agent in Charge, Special Investigations Division

Office of Management and Technology (OMT)

Director, Budget and Financial Management Division
Director, Communications
Director, Human Capital Management Division
Director, Infrastructure Services Division
Director, Contracts and Procurement Division
Director, Management Support Division
Director, Information Management Division

Office of Legal Counsel (OLC)

FOIA Officer

Office of Evaluation(OE)

Director, Integrated Data Analysis Division
Director,Information Technology Evaluations Division
Director, Program Evaluations Division