Fraud Prevention


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Office of Inspector General (OIG) is committed to protecting HUD's programs and taxpayers' dollars from unscrupulous individuals and corporations who take advantage of the housing programs administered by HUD.

A major mission of HUD OIG is to prevent waste, fraud, abuse and serious mismanagement by HUD's customers, employees, contractors and other vendors associated with the housing industry in Public Housing, Multifamily, Single Family, Community programs, and the mortgage industry. The OIG conducts audits and investigations to identify both internal and external problems. Audits and investigations are both a preventative and a reactive measure to identify weakness within HUD and recover funds and tax dollars associated with HUD's programs.

A second mission of HUD OIG is to prevent problems before the problem becomes a major issue. Therefore, "Fraud Prevention" is a key component to protecting HUD's programs for all individuals and the Department.

Consumer Advisories

From time to time we will release educational alerts to the public about rising trends, schemes or other intelligence we uncover regarding criminal pratices targeting the public.

Industry Advisories

Periodic guidance for professionals with information on providing assistance, avoiding scams, as well as identifying and reporting fraud.

Crime Beat

Go here for in depth coverage on select cases and audits. Learn how crime doesn't pay!

Whistleblower Protection

A core value of OIG is protecting from unlawful reprisal the diligent employees of the Department, its contractors and grantees who step forward to identify potential wrongdoing in their organizations. A number of laws provide important whistleblower protections, including the Inspector General Act of 1978 and the Whistleblower Protection Act.

Special Feature: Focus on PIH

HUD’s Public and Indian Housing (PIH) Programs have long been a source of concern. This new feature delivers insight on the current challenges and proposes pathways to improvement.

Employee's Right to Contact OIG

Read about your rights and protections against reprisals when contacting the Office of Inspector General or testifying before Congress.