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Hotline Report Form

Use this form to submit an anonymous Hotline report to HUD OIG


Please provide as much information as possible. Detailed, complete and accurate information will improve HUD OIG's ability to respond to your allegation.  If you do not know the answer to a question, you can leave the space blank. For a list of Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

When did the misconduct occur?  If the misconduct occurred over time or is currently ongoing, enter the actual or approximate start date.
Where did the misconduct occur? Complete all known fields.
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Identify the primary person or entity who engaged in the alleged misconduct.  If more than one person is involved, enter the additional identifying information in the open box below.
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Your Information

Using the following list, please choose your filing status:

Confidentiality and Anonymity is not requested. If necessary, you may contact me for additional information and I do not place any restrictions on the release of my contact information. Please fill out the contact form below.

I wish to remain Confidential: You may contact me for additional information, but please keep my name confidential and do not share it outside of the Office of the Inspector General. Our policy is to honor requests for confidentiality and not to release any data that would identify such individuals unless required to do so by order of law (e.g., court order/subpoena). Please fill out the contact form below.

I wish to remain Anonymous: If you choose to remain anonymous, it is not necessary to fill out the contact information. It is important to note that we will not be able to contact you if we need additional information about your complaint. In addition you will be unable to request the status of the case using FOIA.

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Whistleblower Protection
Whistleblowers have special protections against retaliation under the law. An OIG Hotline staff member who receives allegations or evidence of retaliation will refer the complainant to the Office of Special Counsel (OSC), and refer the allegations or information related to the possible retaliation to the designated Whistleblower Official in OIG.
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