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Audit Reports & Memorandums

The following reports disclose conditions noted during the identified audit period. They do not necessarily reflect current conditions at the subject auditee. Any questions regarding the current status of corrective actions recommended in these reports should be directed to the report addressee.

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June 8, 2007
Report Number: 2007-LA-1013
June 4, 2007
Report Number: 2007-LA-1012
May 29, 2007
Report Number: 2007-LA-1011
May 24, 2007
Report Number: 2007-NY-1006

We completed an audit of the Housing Authority of the City of Asbury Park, Asbury Park, New Jersey. The objectives of the audit were to determine whether (1) capital funds were properly expended and obligated in accordance with HUD requirements, (2) salaries and related benefits allocated to different programs were reasonable and...

May 7, 2007
Report Number: 2007-AO-1001

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) Office of Inspector General audited the State of Mississippi's (State) calculation of homeowners' grant amounts and monitoring of the implementation of its Homeowner's Assistance Grant Program. Our audit was part of the activities in our annual audit plan. Our objectives...