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We reviewed the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) ability to effectively complete information technology (IT) acquisitions.  HUD’s IT systems and its modernization plans depend heavily on contractors, yet HUD has historically faced significant challenges with implementing effective acquisition processes. Therefore, HUD’s acquisition capacity represents a key potential risk within HUD’s IT environment. We found that a lack of staffing capacity, implementation of effective coordination and communication practices, and effective oversight of management controls over acquisition processing. HUD officials acknowledged that IT acquisition process improvements are needed and have taken steps toward addressing deficiencies.

This evaluation report contains five recommendations to assist in continued successes for future acquisition efforts.

Recommendation Status Date Issued Summary
2020-OE-0004-01 Closed November 17, 2021 Conduct a departmentwide comprehensive staff capacity assessment to identify resource and skills gaps of staff involved in IT acquisitions.
2020-OE-0004-02 Open November 17, 2021 Develop a departmentwide human capital plan or evaluate and revise existing plans to guide the recruitment, retention, and skill development of staff involved in IT acquisitions. The plan should include related metrics to measure plan implementation and effectiveness.
2020-OE-0004-03 Open November 17, 2021

Evaluate IT acquisition process workflows and identify ways to simplify the processes, facilitate more effective stakeholder coordination across offices, and create efficiencies when possible.


On February 8, 2024, OIG and HUD met to discuss the closure requirements for this recommendation. HUD planned to meet internally, review, and update internal governance processes and respond to OIG by April 2024.


To fully address this recommendation, HUD must provide evidence that it has published its standard operating procedures (SOP). During a meeting with HUD in October 2023, HUD OCPO stated that it will publish the SOPs by March 2024.

Implementation of this recommendation will result in a defined IT acquisition process workflow standard operation procedure to ensure coordination across program offices.

2020-OE-0004-04 Open November 17, 2021 Establish a centralized acquisition tracking system that allows for input and monitoring by all offices involved with the IT acquisition process by: a. Developing a plan with detailed implementation milestones; b. Obtaining appropriate approvals and funding; and c. Implementing a centralized acquisition tracking system, based on the implementation plan and approvals from 4a and 4b.
2020-OE-0004-05 Closed November 17, 2021 Develop a plan for clearly defining, communicating, and enforcing IT acquisition process standards, including acquisition process roles and responsibilities.