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El plan estratégico cubre un período de cinco años y es el documento que rige la dirección de HUD OIG con respecto al desempeño. Mirando hacia el futuro, hemos identificado cinco objetivos estratégicos. Estos objetivos son los siguientes:

The 2022-2026 HUD OIG Strategic Plan is our governing document for how we will build on our progress and continue evolving over the next 4 years. It is designed to paint a clear and compelling picture of where we are headed. We commit to the following 3 goals, knowing that they will require continued investment in our workforce and staying true to our core values.

HUD Start Plan

Strategic Goal 1 - Influence positive outcomes for HUD programs and operations through timely and relevant oversight

Understanding the long-term nature of organizational change and the scale of HUD’s governing presence, we are cautious to not become complacent or deterred by longstanding challenges. We will continue to identify additional sources of data and look at current data in different ways to identify new and compelling revelations about ways in which HUD can address these problems.

Objective 1.1
Concentrate oversight on high-risk and mission-critical areas and emerging issues

✓ Focus our work on the most impactful issues
✓ Be agile and timely when addressing emerging and time-sensitive issues
✓ Develop deep subject-matter expertise


Objective 1.2
Deliver high-quality and objective oversight, outreach, services, and support to stakeholders

✓ Continue to conduct strategic outreach with stakeholders to better understand their needs
✓ Take a balanced approach to reporting HUD’s successes and opportunities for improvement
✓ Find new and innovative approaches to assist HUD in addressing its longstanding challenges


Objective 1.3
Make actionable recommendations to drive continuous improvement

✓ Be rigorous in developing clear, impactful, and actionable recommendations
✓ Continue to work with HUD to reduce the number of outstanding recommendations
✓ Assess the effectiveness of recommendations on improving HUD programs and operations

Strategic Goal 2 - Optimize HUD’s program success by combating fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement

We are committed to developing strategies and better using data to enhance our ability to prevent and detect fraud, enforce program requirements, and inform stakeholders.

Objective 2.1
Assist HUD in strengthening its internal controls to prevent fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement

✓ Identify improvements to HUD’s internal controls and fraud prevention practices
✓ Share information and tools to help our employees, our partners, and HUD’s program officials prevent and identify fraud
✓ Enhance the tools available to and skills of our employees and Federal partners in the fight against fraud


Objective 2.2
Enhance fraud detection efforts and outreach

✓ Improve and expand our outreach to enhance knowledge sharing of red flags, best practices, and fraud identification techniques
✓ Share educational tools and increase outreach to grantees, subrecipients, and industry groups
✓ Enhance the use of data analytics and data sharing to support investigations


Objective 2.3
Develop partnerships and practices to successfully pursue criminal, civil, and administrative remedies

✓ Improve and expand our partnerships with law enforcement partners to increase the effectiveness of enforcement activities
✓ Actively consider all available criminal, civil, and administrative remedies, to include governmentwide suspension and debarment, for each substantiated investigation to protect Federal funds
✓ Identify best practices for more effective prosecutions


Objective 2.4
Keep the public informed about red flags and common fraud schemes

✓ Leverage social media platforms to promote successful prosecutions and identify bad actors
✓ Broaden the sharing of fraud bulletins in multiple languages
✓ Improve customer engagement tools and training

Strategic Goal 3 - Maximize HUD OIG value through operational excellence

We must promote economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in our operations with the same vigor that we exert in our oversight of HUD. In our pursuit of excellence, we must be willing to hold ourselves to the highest standards. Experiencing change ourselves has the added benefit of providing awareness of the complexities and challenges of change so that we may better understand what it will take for HUD to improve.

Objective 3.1
Model stewardship by enhancing our operational efficiency and effectiveness

✓ Strive for continuous improvement in our operations
✓ Increase confidence in the quality of our work products and operations
✓ Continue to mature our risk management program


Objective 3.2
Build data-driven decision making into our business processes

✓ Enhance our management information systems
✓ Support our decisions with data
✓ Ensure that we are collecting all necessary data
✓ Find new and meaningful ways to use and visualize our data


Objective 3.3
Enhance efforts to recruit and retain a diverse workforce

✓ Expand recruitment outreach to encourage diversity
✓ Emphasize inclusion in our culture
✓ Expand professional development opportunities


Objective 3.4
Envision and enable the workplace of the future

✓ Reevaluate physical space needs to sustain the mission
✓ Develop an effective hybrid work environment
✓ Use technology to enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing


Si HUD OIG es quien vigila a HUD, entonces, ¿quién vigila a HUD OIG? Mantenemos un programa de control de calidad para garantizar que nuestro trabajo cumpla con las políticas y procedimientos, cumpla con los estándares de rendimiento y se lleve a cabo de manera económica, eficiente y efectiva. Las funciones de auditoría de HUD OIG están sujetas a revisiones por pares, de acuerdo con las Normas de Auditoría del Gobierno y las Pautas del Fiscal General para la Oficina Federal de Inspectores Generales con Autoridad Legal de Cumplimiento de Ley.

Estas revisiones por pares brindan un nivel externo adicional de garantía de cumplimiento de la OIG de HUD a los estándares, regulaciones y legislación establecidos mediante una evaluación objetiva formal de sus operaciones. El Consejo de Inspectores Generales de Integridad y Eficiencia (CIGIE) prescribe la metodología para realizar revisiones por pares. Esta es la última revisión de las funciones de auditoría de HUD OIG.