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Closed Date:
Septiembre 17, 2019

Improve its procedures and controls to ensure that the County administers the program in accordance with Federal requirements.

Publication Report

2017-CH-1010 | Septiembre 30, 2017

DuPage County, IL, Did Not Always Comply With Federal Requirements Regarding the Administration of Its Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery Program

We audited DuPage County’s Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery program.  The audit was part of the activities in our fiscal year 2017 annual audit plan.  We selected the County’s program for review because the County had spent... más

Related Recommendations

Community Planning and Development

  •   2017-CH-1010-001-A

    Closed on Septiembre 17, 2019


    The County does not reimburse itself with program funds for the $452,444 in County bond proceeds originally budgeted for the Armstrong Park project and used to pay for flood protection improvements in the Graue Mill subdivision in Hinsdale.

  •   2017-CH-1010-001-B

    Closed on Marzo 15, 2019


    The $7,677 ($460,121 - $452,444) in remaining County bond proceeds originally budgeted for the Armstrong Park project are used for eligible program activities.

  •   2017-CH-1010-001-C

    Closed on Septiembre 13, 2019


    Deobligate the $109,270 in program funds obligated for ineligible activities in its construction contracts for the West Branch DuPage River Flood Control and Springbrook Culvert projects.

  •   2017-CH-1010-001-D

    Closed on Diciembre 04, 2019


    Support or reimburse its program from non-Federal funds $98,507 for the program funds used for project management services without sufficient documentation to support that the use of the funds was reasonable.