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Closed Date:
Agosto 13, 2019

Obtain the required depository agreements for two5 grantees to ensure that they invest program funds in investment securities for use in carrying out affordable housing activities in accordance with PIH Notices 2014-21, section 4, and 2015-08, section 7.

Publication Report

2018-LA-0004 | Agosto 13, 2018

HUD Did Not Always Ensure That Grantees Maintained the Required Depository Agreements for Investing Program Funds

We audited the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Office of Native American Programs’ Indian Housing Block Grant program.  We selected the program based on concerns as to whether grantees invested, obligated, and spent program... más

Related Recommendations

Public and Indian Housing

  • Closed on Agosto 13, 2019


    Strengthen monitoring controls to ensure that current and future grantees maintain the required depository agreements before allowing them to invest program funds in investment securities for use toward affordable housing activities.

  • Closed on Agosto 13, 2019


    Update HUD’s Indian Housing Block Grant Recipient Self-Monitoring Guidebook to replace the expired requirement for investing program funds with PIH Notice 2015-08 and ensure that the Guidebook is updated with the latest requirements to ensure that grantees remain compliant with program requirements.