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Closed Date:
Diciembre 20, 2019

Reimburse the U.S. Treasury from non-Federal funds for the $5,000 in ineligible costs paid to its contractor.

Publication Report

2019-AT-1006 | Septiembre 30, 2019

Palm Beach County Housing Authority, West Palm Beach, FL, Did Not Support and Spend HUD Funds According to Regulations

We audited the Palm Beach County Housing Authority in West Palm Beach, FL, based on concerns raised by news articles stating that the Authority dismissed its former executive director because of financial misconduct and ethical violations.  The... más

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Public and Indian Housing

  •   2019-AT-1006-001-A

    Closed on Enero 04, 2021


    Reimburse its program from non-Federal funds for the $62,377 used to pay for the excess executive compensation.

  • Closed on Enero 19, 2021


    Develop and implement written policies, procedures, and other financial controls to ensure that Sections 8 and 9 funds are not used to pay for compensation over the salary limit.

  • Closed on Enero 19, 2021


    Develop and implement written policies and procedures for the payment review process to comply with applicable regulations in 2 CFR Part 200.

  • Closed on Enero 07, 2021


    Train its staff on its newly developed policies and procedures noted in recommendations 1B and 1D.