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Develop and implement a plan to use available asset repositioning options for the remaining 284 public housing units at the Commodore Perry Homes development, including 274 dwelling units and 10 nondwelling units.

Publication Report

2022-NY-1001 | Enero 11, 2022

The Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority, Buffalo, NY, Needs To Improve Its Management of the Commodore Perry Homes Development To Address Longstanding Concerns

We audited the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority’s management of its Commodore Perry Homes development.  We selected the Authority based on congressional interest.  Half of the development’s buildings were demolished more than 20 years ago,... más

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Public and Indian Housing

  • Closed on Septiembre 26, 2022


    Work with the Authority to determine whether the buildings represent an imminent threat to public safety from physical deterioration and whether activities to control the situation would be exempt under the Part 58 environmental review process or excluded under the Part 50 environmental review process. If it qualifies, require the Authority to immediately take actions necessary to control the imminent threat to public safety before the full environmental review is done.

  • Closed on Enero 02, 2024


    Determine whether it would be beneficial for HUD to conduct a Part 50 environmental review of the development or if the Authority should conduct a Part 58 environmental review, and implement the decision to ensure that the environmental review is conducted as soon as possible as required under the action plan.

  • Closed on Julio 05, 2022


    Continue to provide training and technical assistance to ensure that the Authority understands relevant requirements for the various asset repositioning options, including milestone and disposition requirements.

  • Closed on Septiembre 27, 2022


    Provide certifications and supporting documentation to show that it has identified and addressed urgent health and safety issues at the development, such as flooded stairwells, accessible crawlspaces, and unsecured windows and doors.

  • Summary

    Develop and implement a plan to routinely identify and address recurring urgent health and safety issues such as flooded stairwells, accessible crawlspaces, and unsecured windows and doors while the property remains vacant and throughout future asset repositioning efforts.

  • Summary

    Develop and implement a plan for the original property related to the 46 units converted under the RAD transfer of assistance option to ensure that the property and proceeds from its disposition are used in accordance with requirements.

  • Summary

    If the Authority does not follow through on its asset repositioning plans, misses deadlines, or it otherwise becomes clear that the plan is no longer feasible, work with the HUD’s Special Applications Center, Office of Recapitalization, and other offices as appropriate, to consider and use available remedies such as revoking approval and enforcing required conversion.