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Date Issued
Mayo 23, 2023
OIG Component Office
Prioritize the inspection of public housing properties that were (1) not included in the NSPIRE demonstration but were identified as high priority under the Center’s Big Inspection Plan and (2) approved to participate under the NSPIRE demonstration that the Center was unable to inspect by March 31, 2023.
Program Office
Public and Indian Housing
Questioned Costs
Better Funds Use
Publication Report Number

Related Recommendations

Recomendation Status Date Issued Summary
2023-CH-0003-001-B Abierta Mayo 23, 2023

Implement adequate policies, procedures, and controls to ensure that public housing properties will be inspected within required timeframes.


NSPIRE regulations clarified/modified the timing for which inspections should occur. The date for inspection of each public housing property must then be programmed into HUD's system to ensure that inspections occur within required timeframes. The Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) continues to work with its management and system support contractors on the list of public housing properties to inspect and the date the inspections should be completed by under the new NSPIRE regulations. REAC is in the process of adjusting the list based on information relating to small, rural public housing. REAC believes that it is on track to meet the final action target date of May 31, 2024.


To fully address this recommendation, HUD must provide evidence demonstrating that it has implemented control activities that ensure public housing properties are inspected within required timeframes.

Implementation of this recommendation will result in HUD accurately tracking the dates in which public housing properties should be inspected and that they are timely completed.