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We reviewed the City of Albuquerque, Department of Family and Community Services’ Continuum of Care program.  We initiated the review based on a complaint alleging misconduct in the City’s program.  Specifically, the complainant alleged the City’s Continuum of Care failed to comply with conflict of interest and procurement requirements, did not maintain accurate Homeless Management Information System reports, and expended funds for ineligible activities.  These issues involved compliance with various U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development requirements.  Therefore, our objective was to determine whether the City administered its program in accordance with applicable HUD regulations and grant agreements.

The allegations of misconduct in the City’s Continuum of Care program did not have merit.  They were either invalid, or out of date.  The City generally administered its program in accordance with applicable HUD regulations and grant agreements.  Specifically, it complied with HUD procurement and conflict of interest requirements, adequately monitored the subrecipients and took actions to correct problems it identified, and ensured that the subrecipients expended the Continuum of Care program funds for eligible program activities.  However, the City needs to improve its reporting of measurable results.  While the City supported the progress reported to HUD in its annual performance reports, it did not maintain accurate data supporting its measurable results. 

We recommended that the director, Community Planning and Development, Albuquerque, NM require the City to develop and implement procedures to ensure that information in its annual performance reports is complete and accurate.