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HUD OIG performed a corrective action verification of audit recommendations cited in the audit report, Opelika Housing Authority, Public Housing Programs (2004-AT-1011) issued July 23, 2004. The purpose of the corrective action verification was to determine whether the selected audit recommendations were implemented and the deficiencies cited in the report were corrected. The Authority implemented the necessary corrective action for the recommendations. As a result, the recommendations are resolved and no further action is required.

The Authority's Section 8 general ledger contained a receivable in the amount of $57,900, due from Opelika Housing Development Corporation a not-for-profit corporation affiliated with the Authority,. The receivable represents ineligible Section 8 payments made to the Opelika Housing Development Corporation by the Section 8 program. HUD recovered the ineligible payments during 2005 through offset of Section 8 administration fees from the Authority's Section 8 program. However, the Opelika Housing Development Corporation did not reimburse the Authority for the ineligible payments.

OIG recommended that the Director of HUD's Birmingham Office of Public Housing require the Authority to collect $57,900 from the Opelika Housing Development Corporation.