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We audited the Ferndale Housing Commission’s Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program as part of the activities in our fiscal year 2014 annual audit plan.  We selected the Commission based upon an analysis of risk factors related to public housing agencies in Region 5’s jurisdiction.   Our objectives were to determine whether the Commission appropriately (1) calculated housing assistance payments, (2) maintained required eligibility documentation, and (3) ensured that its households did not have unreported income.

For the 24 household files reviewed, the Commission generally (1) appropriately calculated housing assistance and utility allowance payments and (2) appropriately obtained and maintained the required eligibility documentation to support the admission and continued occupancy of its program households.  In addition, it appropriately used HUD’s Enterprise Income Verification system to (1) ensure that its zero-income households did not have unreported income in the system and (2) determine that the households with reported income discrepancies did not have unreported income at the time of their annual reexamination.

This report contains no recommendations, and no further action is necessary with respect to this report.