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Title Announced Priority Area Program Area State
HUD Personal Identifiable Information Risk Management in a Zero Trust Environment 01/2024 Sustaining Progress in Finance and IT Transformation, Promoting Integrity and Efficiency in HUD's Operations Other District of Columbia


HUD OIG is performing this evaluation to assess HUD’s capability to meet privacy and data protection requirements and provide appropriate stakeholders with an understanding of any related potential risks to HUD’s data and the operational mission. The evaluation will also provide HUD an independent assessment of the level of maturity it has reached in developing the data and identify pillars of CISA's zero-trust architecture. The objectives are to evaluate HUD’s processes to (1) identify and inventory all personally identifiable information (PII) within its control, (2) implement controls to protect its PII, focusing on key zero-trust architecture requirements addressing PII, and (3) identify, prioritize, and address risks associated with managing its PII.