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(Source app.com) The former executive director of the Asbury Park Housing Authority admitted to misappropriating around $90,000 from the organization to unilaterally give himself a $50,000 salary hike, and to pay for spa services, in-room movies at hotels, strip clubs and stretch limos to take him and his family to and from the airport, according to the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office.

Mark W. Holmes Sr., 56, of Lawrence, who is also a former mayor and councilman of Lawrence, abused his position at the Housing Authority in other ways, such as transferring public money to an organization he created, called the APHA Community Development Corp., said Chris Swendeman, a spokesman for the prosecutor's office.

Through the APHA Community Development Corp., Holmes gave himself the $50,000 salary hike that bypassed approval from the other members of the Housing Authority, Swendeman said.

Holmes also used $13,000 of the Housing Authority's money for unauthorized meals in Asbury Park and Lawrenceville, received duplicate business trip per diem funds and opened credit cards under "APHA" and the "APHA Community Development Corporation," Swendeman said...