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Media Kit

We updated our Media Kit to reflect the new information from our latest Semiannual Report.

Contents of media kit:

  • David A  Montoya Inspector General Official Portrait
  • Helen Albert Official Portrait
  • HUD OIG Background and Overview
    • highlights from the most recent Semiannual Report to Congress
    • and Infographics of HUD OIG's most recent accomplishments
  • HUD OIG Brochure
  • Full Semiannual Report to Congress for period ending September 30, 2015

Authority Letter

Recently, the HUD Secretary and the Inspector General (IG) issued a letter to staff on strengthening accountability for improved service delivery to the families and communities served by HUD. The letter encourages HUD staff to work with OIG staff to strengthen not only the Department’s accountability to eliminate waste and mismanagement, but to strengthen the integrity and ethical conduct of all HUD employees, including contractors and entities administered or financed by the Department.  The letter also encourages HUD employees to take an active role in supporting the OIG’s activities by producing materials requested by the OIG in a timely and complete fashion.

Contact:  HUD OIG Communications at communications@hudoig.gov


File Attachment: 
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