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Develop and implement written policies detailing procedures and responsibilities related to program administration and monitoring of the escrow program.

Publication Report

2017-AT-1003 | March 01, 2017

The Puerto Rico Department of Housing, San Juan, PR, Did Not Properly Administer Its Multifamily Special Escrow Funds

We audited the Puerto Rico Department of Housing’s multifamily special escrow funds.  This audit was the result of a referral from the San Juan Office of Multifamily Housing Programs.  The objectives of the audit were to determine whether the… more

Related Recommendations


  •   2017-AT-1003-001-A

    Submit a plan showing how it will use the $7,984,429 in unspent escrow funds to meet program objectives and increase the supply of low- and moderate-income housing for the residents of Puerto Rico, including a schedule HUD can track to ensure the expenditure.

  •   2017-AT-1003-001-B

    Submit supporting documentation so HUD can reevaluate the feasibility of the three activities and determine the eligibility of the $2,432,271 in escrow funds already disbursed. If HUD determines that an activity has been canceled or is not feasible, the Department must reimburse the escrow account from non-Federal funds.

  • Submit a plan showing how it will proceed regarding the Yabucoa, Juncos, and Barceloneta housing projects, including a schedule that HUD can track to ensure their completion.

  •   2017-AT-1003-001-D

    Submit supporting documentation showing the reasonableness and allowability of $2,176,733 disbursed or reimburse its escrow account from non-Federal funds.

  • Transfer all escrow funds to a financial institution that is supervised by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or the National Credit Union Administration and ensure that all deposits are secured by the Federal Government. Any amount not recovered from the Development Bank must be reimbursed to the escrow account from non-Federal funds.

  • Submit required certifications and supporting documentation showing that residents of escrow-funded activities met the established income limit requirements. Any amounts determined ineligible must be reimbursed to the escrow account from non-Federal funds.