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Date Issued
June 09, 2017
Closed Date
March 22, 2019
OIG Component Office
Coordinate with HUD for terminating the allocation of the remaining $217,553 funds given the Authority’s current intentions to not build or purchase public housing units.
Program Office
Public and Indian Housing
Questioned Costs
Better Funds Use
Publication Report Number

Related Recommendations

Recomendation Status Date Issued Summary
2017-AT-1006-002-A Closed June 09, 2017 Deobligate $542,289 in fiscal year 2015 capital funds in HUD’s system until binding agreements are executed for eligible and reasonable purposes, or coordinate with HUD for terminating its funding.
2017-AT-1006-002-B Closed June 09, 2017 Reclassify $398,022 in fiscal year 2016 capital funds as authorized in HUD’s system to an eligible and reasonable activity, or coordinate with HUD for terminating its funding.
2017-AT-1006-002-D Closed June 09, 2017 Develop and implement adequate procedures and controls to ensure that the reporting of allocated capital funds in HUD’s system is accurate.
2017-AT-1006-002-E Closed June 09, 2017 Provide adequate training to staff responsible for making entries into HUD’s system to ensure accurate reporting on allocated funds. The training should include but not be limited to ensuring that its staff understands all of HUD’s reporting requirements for obligations and authorizations.
2017-AT-1006-002-F Closed June 09, 2017 Confirm the replacement of program units was appropriate for the number of units demolished at Johnson Ferry East, and submit a development proposal to construct new public housing units, transfer public housing assistance to another public housing agency, or terminate its annual contributions contract and return all unobligated and unexpended capital funds to HUD.