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Date Issued
September 21, 2017
Closed Date
July 12, 2018
OIG Component Office
Provide technical assistance to the Authority to ensure that responsible staff and board members receive necessary procurement training.
Program Office
Public and Indian Housing
Questioned Costs
Better Funds Use
Publication Report Number

Related Recommendations

Recomendation Status Date Issued Summary
2017-BO-1007-001-A Closed September 21, 2017 Support that $2,533,377 in costs were reasonable and allowable program expenses in accordance with requirements or repay from non-Federal funds the appropriate programs any amounts they cannot support.
2017-BO-1007-001-B Closed September 21, 2017 Repay the appropriate programs from non-Federal funds the $1,524,604 in ineligible funds paid when costs exceeded contract terms.
2017-BO-1007-001-C Closed September 21, 2017 Determine the appropriateness of the remaining balance of $1,242,154 on unsupported contracts to ensure costs were reasonable, reprocure the subject contracts, or reallocate the funds to the appropriate program.
2017-BO-1007-001-D Closed September 21, 2017 Reprocure expired service contracts to ensure estimated balances of $375,526 are used on eligible contract.
2017-BO-1007-001-E Closed September 21, 2017 Reprocure any service contracts necessary and ensure that the contracts are properly awarded in accordance with HUD requirements.
2017-BO-1007-001-F Closed September 21, 2017 Strengthen and implement controls and procedures over procurement, including monitoring consultants, to ensure that procurement activities meet HUD requirements.
2017-BO-1007-001-G Closed September 21, 2017 Establish and implement an effective system to ensure that payments do not exceed approved contract values.
2017-BO-1007-001-H Closed September 21, 2017 Establish and implement an effective system to maintain a complete and accurate contract register to ensure proper contract planning and administration.