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Date Issued
September 13, 2017
Closed Date
May 18, 2018
OIG Component Office
Repay $95 from non-Federal funds to the two recipients who paid more than the assistance provided (appendix E).
Program Office
Community Planning and Development
Questioned Costs
Better Funds Use
Publication Report Number

Related Recommendations

Recomendation Status Date Issued Summary
2017-LA-1008-001-A Closed September 13, 2017 Modify the recapture provisions of the 35 home-buyer assistance agreements totaling $488,519 to meet HUD recapture requirements relating to the sales price, closing costs, and net proceeds.
2017-LA-1008-001-B Closed September 13, 2017 Update its procedures to ensure that any additional home-buyer assistance agreements contain recapture provisions that meet HUD recapture requirements relating to the sales price, closing costs, and net proceeds.
2017-LA-1008-001-C Closed September 13, 2017 Train its staff to ensure that recapture amounts do not exceed net sales proceeds.
2017-LA-1008-002-A Closed September 13, 2017 Revise and implement written policies and procedures for managing and accurately tracking all NSP3 activity to ensure that the $12,275 in identified closing cost refunds and any additional refunds identified in recommendation 2B are not overpaid by recipients.
2017-LA-1008-002-B Closed September 13, 2017 Identify any additional closing cost refunds for NSP3 properties using the general ledger, DRGR supporting documentation, and the property file and either repay the recipients from non-Federal funds or update its tracking spreadsheet.
2017-LA-1008-002-D Closed September 13, 2017 Repay the program $1,495 for closing cost expenses not incurred from non-Federal funds and remove the expenses from program records if the City incorrectly recorded the refunds as program income.
2017-LA-1008-002-E Closed September 13, 2017 Reclassify home-buyer assistance expenses and refunds from the City’s NSP3 ARR program to its NSP3 Homebuyer Assistance Program in DRGR and the general ledger.
2017-LA-1008-002-F Closed September 13, 2017 Consolidate and reconcile all NSP3 home-buyer assistance tracking spreadsheets and the general ledger with HUD’s DRGR to ensure that all information is accurate and up to date.
2017-LA-1008-002-G Closed September 13, 2017 Develop and implement written policies and procedures to periodically reconcile all NSP3 tracking spreadsheets to ensure that data remain accurate and up to date.
2017-LA-1008-002-H Closed September 13, 2017 Provide training to all employees responsible for NSP3 to ensure that the City adequately determines repayment amounts and tracks and records NSP3 activities.