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Date Issued
August 02, 2018
Closed Date
April 08, 2019
OIG Component Office
Implement adequate procedures and controls, including but not limited to providing guidance to its program staff on how to apply the correct contract rents and developing an effective quality control process.
Program Office
Public and Indian Housing
Questioned Costs
Better Funds Use
Publication Report Number

Related Recommendations

Recomendation Status Date Issued Summary
2018-CH-1003-001-A Closed August 02, 2018 Support that the converted units met HUD’s housing quality standards or reimburse its program $1,206,046 from non-Federal funds ($1,053,618 in housing assistance payments $152,428 in administrative fees).
2018-CH-1003-001-B Closed August 02, 2018 Seek retroactive approval or reimburse its program $10,124 for program funds paid to the contractor not approved by HUD for the housing quality standards inspections for units owned by entities substantially controlled by the Authority.
2018-CH-1003-001-C Closed August 02, 2018 Implement adequate procedures and controls to ensure that the Authority complies with HUD’s conflict-of-interest requirements, including but not limited to ensuring that (1) its staff is appropriately trained and familiar with HUD’s requirements for units owned by entities it substantially controls and (2) future contracts to perform housing quality standards inspections for program units owned by entities substantially controlled by the Authority are with a HUD-approved independent third party.