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Date Issued
February 28, 2023
OIG Component Office
Update HUD regulations, policies, and procedures, following the regulatory process required by the amended LSHR, in consideration of CDC’s lowered BLRV of 3.5 µg/dL.
Program Office
Lead Hazard Control
Questioned Costs
Better Funds Use
Publication Report Number

Related Recommendations

Recomendation Status Date Issued Summary
2021-OE-0011b-02 Open February 28, 2023 Create a plan and timeline that outlines OFO’s proposal to make necessary improvements to the EBLL tracker, such as moving it to a different platform.
2021-OE-0011b-03 Closed February 28, 2023 Provide field office staff access to historical data in the EBLL tracker to be readily available as needed, with adequate protection of PII.
2021-OE-0011b-04 Open February 28, 2023 Update the EBLL tracker to show whether one or multiple children have an EBLL and whether the unit, building, or development previously had an EBLL reported.
2021-OE-0011b-05 Open February 28, 2023 Update the EBLL tracker by including which data fields are required, establishing what type of information can be entered into each data field, and disallowing case closure if required information is missing.
2021-OE-0011b-06 Open February 28, 2023 In coordination with other HUD offices as necessary, research and address potential causes of the variance in the number of EBLL cases among States on the EBLL tracker and identify solutions that are within HUD’s control.
2021-OE-0011b-07 Closed February 28, 2023 Create a plan and timeline that outlines OFO’s proposal to move the LBPR tracker to a different platform.
2021-OE-0011b-08 Open February 28, 2023 Develop a timeliness standard in the LBPR tracker to establish expectations for how often field office staff must reach out to PHAs on the LBPR tracker to discuss measures that will resolve cases in a timely manner.