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We performed a corrective action verification of HUD's actions in implementing recommendation 1F from our audit of the Housing Authority of Maricopa County's Mixed Finance Development Activities (Rose Terrace and Maricopa Revitalization), Audit Report 2005-LA-1002, issued March 14, 2005. The purpose of the corrective action verification was to determine whether HUD officials appropriately closed audit recommendation 1F in accordance with the management decision dated July 12, 2005. Our corrective action verification found that HUD officials closed recommendation 1F despite concerns by HUD's Office of General Counsel that the recorded status of the declaration posed a significant risk to HUD. If HUD program officials determined that it was appropriate to grant retroactive approval in this manner, they should have requested a revised management decision to reflect the conditions of HUD's retroactive approval. Based on the results of our review, we are reopening recommendation 1F from Audit Report 2005-LA-1002.