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We investigated allegations that Tracie Hoker, a real estate agent, violated U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) real estate-owned owner occupancy program requirements.  The Cincinnati HUD office referred the complaint to our office.  Our investigation revealed that a bidder, using Ms. Tracie Hoker as his real estate agent, made a false statement in 2012 to purchase a HUD-owned single-family home, by submitting a bid as an owner-occupant when he did not intend to reside in the home as his primary residence.  The bidder recently settled with HUD by admitting that he made a false statement.  The investigation also revealed that Ms. Hoker caused the submission of a second false statement by inducing the real estate broker to certify that he was submitting the bid on behalf of an owner-occupant and not an investor.  Tracie Hoker knew at the time of submission of the sales contract that the bidder did not intend to reside in the property as his principal residence.  To resolve the matter, HUD accepted a settlement agreement from Ms. Hoker, in which she admitted that she knew that the bidder did not intend to occupy the property.  She paid $5,000 to HUD to resolve the matter.