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We audited the Municipality of San Juan’s Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) program.  We selected the Municipality for review as part of our strategic plan based on the large amount of ESG funds approved and because the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) classified the Municipality as a high-risk grantee in its 2016 risk assessment.  Our main objective was to determine whether the Municipality administered its ESG program in accordance with HUD requirements.

The Municipality did not always administer its ESG program in accordance with HUD requirements.  Specifically, it did not properly support more than $47,000 in required matching contributions and did not report accurate information to HUD.  As a result, HUD lacked assurance that matching requirements were sufficiently met and program accomplishments were accurately reported.

We recommend that HUD require the Municipality to submit all supporting documentation showing the eligibility and propriety of the $47,720 in unsupported matching contributions, and reconcile the data included in its consolidated annual performance and evaluation report with the data in its financial management system.