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The investigative process begins when we receive allegations of fraud, waste, abuse, or mismanagement by HUD employees or concerning HUD funds or program areas. These allegations are derived from various sources, including the OIG’s Hotline, Congress, HUD departmental personnel, law enforcement partners, and through ongoing outreach with HUD stakeholders. Allegations are evaluated for possible criminal, civil, or administrative violations and potential remedies. As such, some allegations will result in the initiation of an investigation, while others may be referred internally to the OIG’s Office of Audit or Office of Evaluation, to HUD management, or to another law enforcement agency.

In criminal matters, HUD OIG works closely with the Department of Justice (DOJ) and local authorities. At the conclusion of the investigation, a report is prepared that will summarize the facts and findings of the investigation. The results of OIG investigations may be used for administrative action by the Department, as well as for criminal and civil action by the DOJ or state and local authorities.