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The Office of Evaluation (OE) is one of the HUD OIG offices contributing to the independent oversight of HUD.  OE’s project specializations encompass evaluations of departmental operations, enterprise-wide programs, and information technology (IT) and cybersecurity matters.  OE is a catalyst for excellence as we provide actionable information and recommendations to HUD and its stakeholders.

OE leadership consists of the Assistant Inspector General for Evaluation and Division Directors for each of the three OE divisions.  OE is comprised of the Information Technology Evaluations Division (iTED), the Program Evaluations Division (PED), and the Evaluation Operations Division (EOD).  iTED conducts independent assessments of HUD’s operations, policies, and procedures across the core areas of IT, cybersecurity, privacy, and information governance.  Our IT evaluations are intended to deliver timely results that are based upon an analysis of quantitative and qualitative data to support actionable recommendations that HUD can use to improve its information quality, strengthen its capacity to delivery on HUD’s mission, and mature its cybersecurity posture.  PED evaluates programs and operational activities to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of HUD operations.  PED provides actionable recommendations to help HUD achieve its mission.  EOD supports all internal OE operations and provides administrative support.  EOD completes most of the OE reporting requirements and gathers various data points to measure OE’s performance metrics.